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6 Key Terms of Financing for Amazon Sellers (Video)

Financing For Amazon Sellers is much more complex than traditional consumer financing which many Amazon Sellers are accustomed to. For most Amazon Sellers, their finance experience consists of credit cards, car loans, and home mortgages which are all relatively standardized financial products.

When it comes to Amazon Business Financing, the various options are diverse in many ways. It is important for an Amazon Seller to understand the different structures and components of Financing for Amazon Sellers before they commit to an Amazon Financing Solution.

In a recent video on the AccrueMe YouTube channel, AccrueMe co-founder Ben Kotch explains the 6 Key Terms of Financing for Amazon Sellers that all Amazon Sellers should consider when comparing their business financing options.

  1. Interest Rate, Fees, and Cost of Financing for Amazon Sellers - The most focused on term but usually one of the least important

  2. Repayment Terms - Very important and often overlooked by Amazon Sellers evaluating financing options. Errors made in understanding repayment terms can leave Amazon Sellers in a worse situation after financing than before.

  3. Length of Financing - Important to keep Amazon Sellers from having to constantly refinance.

  4. Restrictive Covenants - There are common restrictive provisions across all Financing for Amazon Seller alternatives and then there are some unique covenants for certain types of financings.

  5. Amount Available - The different types of capital sources for Amazon Sellers all have different underwriting criteria which means sellers will receive different offer amounts from different sources.

  6. Reputation/Trust - It's always important to work with a capital source with a good reputation and a strong online rating like the Top-Rated Amazon Seller Central Loans

To learn more about the 6 Key Terms of Financing for Amazon Sellers, watch the 8-minute video on YouTube HERE.

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