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AccrueMe Joins GoSeller To Discuss Funding for Amazon Sellers

This week Don Henig from AccrueMe joined SellerApp's GoSeller event to discuss Funding for Amazon Sellers.

Day 2 of the GoSeller covered funding for amazon sellers for a successful launch. Raising working capital solutions is the next big step before a successful Amazon FBA product launch strategy. How big companies raise capital might not be ideal for you. Equally important is understanding taxes on the marketplace you are selling.

Funding for Amazon Sellers Presenters

Don Henig, Co-founder of AccrueMe discussed how to raise money to start a business and the different funding options available for amazon sellers.

Oliver Mueller, Tax Advisor of HelloTax shared everything about EU sales tax.

Prabhat Shah, Marketplace Consultant at Online Seller UK covered Amazon & Beyond taking a deep dive into Amazon's new product launch strategy!

What Is GoSeller2022?

GoSeller 2022 is an online summit for Amazon sellers who are interested in creating a successful enterprise hosted by SellerApp and sponsored by AccrueMe. GoSeller brings together a wide array of experts from across the e-commerce industry to help sellers crack the Amazon code. This included a presentation from AccrueMe about Funding for Amazon Sellers.


To learn about AccrueMe's success-based funding solution for Amazon Sellers, please visit


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