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Manufacturing Products In Mexico To Sell On Amazon | The Mexico Sourcing Trip & EvoLatAm

Manufacturing Products In Mexico To Sell On Amazon | The Mexico Sourcing Trip & EvoLatAm
Manufacturing Products In Mexico To Sell On Amazon | The Mexico Sourcing Trip & EvoLatAm

Manufacturing products in Mexico to sell on Amazon has always been an attractive concept for Amazon Sellers for years dues to Mexico's close proximity to the US, free trade agreements, low cost of labor, and history of manufacturing for large US companies but very few Amazon Sellers actually have their products manufactured in Mexico.

For years, China has been the manufacturing location of choice for Amazon Sellers but increases in costs and lead times since the pandemic have caused many Amazon Sellers to take a second look at Mexico.

In fact, Mexico is becoming so intriguing that nearly 100 Amazon Sellers from around the globe will be descending on Mexico City in early June for The Mexico Sourcing Trip & the EvoLatAm Trade Show in an effort to learn how to work with and find manufacturers for their US-based Amazon businesses in Mexico.

With our friends from ALGO+ Mexico, AccrueMe is proud to be sponsoring this first-of-its-kind event for Sellers in Mexico.

The Mexico Sourcing Trip takes place on June 4-9th 2022 in Mexico City. The trip is being led by US-based eCommerce leaders; Amy Wees, Norm Farrar, and Tim Jordan. The Mexico Trip's agenda includes factory visits, education sessions focused on working with Mexican businesses/suppliers, fun activities to experience Mexico, and a full trade show featuring Amazon industry experts, Mexico Manufacturers, and local artisans.

If you'd like to attend the Mexico Sourcing Trip, please visit and use the code accrueme500 at checkout for a special discount.

On June 8th (the last day of the Mexico Sourcing Trip) at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, dozens of Mexican Manufacturers, nearly a dozen US-Based Amazon Software Companies, and hundreds of Amazon Sellers will come together for the EvoLatAm Trade Show. EvoLatAm is free to attend and you can register for a free ticket HERE.

The all-day trade show will be followed by the Mexico City E-Com Connect Networking event. If you are an AccrueMe partner in Mexico that would like to attend this event for free, please contact your AccrueMe representative.

AccrueMe looks forward to joining the leader of Mexico's e-commerce movement - Santiago Tellez from ALGO+ along with all of the great industry leaders and Amazon Sellers from around the world.


To learn about AccrueMe's success-based funding solution for Amazon Sellers, please visit


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29 de set. de 2023

It's very cool that this will happen, because I think it's the right decision, in the region where you make your company, not even that, in the region where you open your company, you have to sell locally produced products, it's a kind of unspoken law. For example, when I opened my stores in other countries, I didn't promote photos of other countries, I promoted photos of the country I was in. Another plus in this was the help of these guys from, who know about photos like no one else and can edit them or choose them to suit your taste. In general, I am sometimes surprised by the logic and actions of large companies, maybe I don't…

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