Why AccrueMe?

How do I grow my business while still being able to pay my bills, take care of my family, and, frankly, have a life?! It's an age-old question for business owners that has a simple answer: funding! Currently, there are a number of funding options available to 3rd party sellers.  loans, credit cards, factoring, merchant advances… even Amazon itself has some options they encourage people to consider. We are sure you've considered them yourself, but there is a big problem with these traditional financing options that always seems to stop or at least give pause to— savvy business people: The high-interest rates and the large payments required even during bad months.

How cost-effective could it be if your monthly overhead is increasing and adding a pile of debt all at the same time? No matter how good or bad your month might be you always have to pay, which doesn't really allow for a lot of growth (or comfort). At the end of the day, you just become a number.


AccrueMe has created a whole new funding system that bypasses a lot of these headaches. Instead of giving you a loan like a bank would, we become a financial partner by investing money directly into your business, while asking for ZERO monthly payments and ZERO permanent ownership of your business. 


Being a partner of the business, instead of trying to collect monthly payments or applying interest, AccrueMe makes money by earning a percentage of the profits (only when there is a profit). This structure helps both you and AccrueMe because when you make money, we make money, and better yet, we don't add to your monthly liabilities. If you don’t make money, we won’t make money either--- but we’re confident that your abilities, our team’s 50+ years of experience, and our infusion of capital will lead to you making plenty of money.  Our goal is to let our money accrue in the business by reinvesting all of the profits we are owed so you can grow faster without worrying about owing us any monthly payments. 


Funding without liabilities or debts can be a very powerful and freeing thing. With double the capital, you become able to purchase products that have higher margins, have less competition in the marketplace, and, above all, you have the strength to diversify and capitalize on a greater rate of buying opportunities.


This is an Inventory Labs screenshot of an AccrueMe customer's Profit * Loss Statment Before they started with AccrueMe: 


Now, below is another table of the same customer after an initial investment of $10,000 from AccrueMe: 

As you can see, in just 5 months of working with AccureMe this partner saw their monthly sales double to about $44,000, and they saw their net profit triple to about $8,200. 

How did this happen? 


Well, as we discussed before, the increase of capital allowed for more aggressive purchasing of inventory. This customer was not only able to buy more inventory and take advantage of more buying opportunities, but in addition, the customer was also able to fund the purchase of more expensive items that have less competition from other 3rd party sellers on Amazon. 

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This is not an offer to invest, lend or otherwise provide capital. This website is for general informational purposes only. Any transactions with AccrueMe will require application, processing and underwriting in accordance with AccrueMe’s guidelines which are subject to change without notice.

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