AccrueMe  Virtual Summit

March 2020 


In March 2020 AccrueMe™ brought together leading e-commerce experts to host a virtual summit for Amazon business owners.

The virtual summit was hosted on March 22nd which would have been the first day of ASD Market Week in Las Vegas. Thousands of Amazon sellers were slated to attend ASD before it was canceled because of COVID-19.

As part of AccrueMe's mission to help Amazon Businesses grow, AccrueMe has made a recording of the virtual summit available for your viewing. Enjoy!  


  Mark Gonsalves

In this session, one of the principals of AccrueMe explains how you can use interest-free funding from AccrueMe to grow your Amazon business. 

Mindset ROI

  Shawn Michael

In this session, Shawn Michael explains how you can apply strategies from Fortune 500 Companies and Unicorn Startups to your Amazon business. 

Sourcing & Repricing

  Dillon Carter

In this session, Dillon Carter shares some tips for sourcing name brand suppliers and discusses how to use automated repricing to increase your profits and sales volume. 

Amazon Mexico

  Patricio Tellez

In this session, Patricio Tellez explains how US Businesses can enter the Amazon Mexico Market.

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