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Asked Questions


Our investing is unique, so naturally, it comes with questions. Here is a list of the questions we hear the most.


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Isn’t this really just a loan?

No. We hear that question all the time, but in fact, it’s the opposite.

We don’t require monthly payments, we don’t charge an interest rate, we don’t require a personal guarantee, and we don’t require a credit check.

In addition to that, when AccrueMe invests in your business, you don’t lose ANY permanent ownership (equity) in your business!

We also want to help you grow with free business tools and human support, because unlike a loan, AccrueMe only earns money when you earn a profit. Our goal (and our incentive) is to help you grow and earn bigger profits! This is a true win-win.

If you take out a loan and you have a bad month, imagine trying to call your lender and saying you don’t want to make your monthly payment. It would never work. But with AccrueMe, you only pay us when it makes sense for you to pay us. We’re happy to let you keep our money in your business and use it to continue purchasing inventory and growing, so that you can scale your profits and both you and AccrueMe can increase their earnings.


We will match a Seller's Capital, dollar for dollar, up to 1 Million Dollars ($1,000,000) in exchange for a Temporary Profit Share in the business.

How does AccrueMe make money?


AccrueMe provides Growth Capital to Successful Amazon Sellers.

We will match a Seller's Capital, dollar for dollar, up to 1 Million Dollars ($1,000,000) in exchange for a Temporary Profit Share in the business.

Every business is unique and the amount of our profit share depends on a businesses performance and is relative to the amount of Capital both parties have invested. Contact us to learn more. 

How much money will I make using AccrueMe?


Each seller has a different ROI (return on investment, or profit percentage) on the different items they sell, so everybody’s results will vary. But we’re confident those results will be good. Why? Because we only partner with sellers who are already profitable, and all we’re doing is giving you MORE money so you can buy MORE inventory and sell MORE items--- so you can make MORE profit. And remember, the % of the profit AccrueMe asks for is only HALF the % of capital AccrueMe is contributing to your total funding.

Isn’t it just cheaper to get an advance on the money
Amazon already owes me?


Well, if you think it makes sense to pay a lender a fee for the benefit of using your already earned profits, then feel free! It’s basically a passbook loan (borrowing your own money with zero risk to the lender, but paying a fee for the privilege). That works for Sellers who are worried about how to survive from one week to the next. But that’s not a good way to grow your business. If you’re getting the money you ALREADY HAVE COMING TO YOU a bit early, and paying a percentage of that % as an interest fee later, you’ll never be able to buy more inventory (and better inventory).

We are looking for Sellers who are focused on increasing their profits and compounding their growth. Which is why at AccrueMe, we are giving you GROWTH capital. You can get your initial cash doubled and increased over time as you grow, and instead of worrying about paying us back soon, you can use that cash to buy more inventory. When your inventory increases and your profits increase, we’ll just get a small % of those profits (but only temporarily). This way, you can grow and AccrueMe will receive its reward for helping you grow.

What’s the Catch?



AccrueMe Growth Capital is unlike anything that has ever been available to Entrepreneurs and business owners.

For that reason, we hear things like, “What’s the catch?” and “it sounds too good to be true.”

Well, the truth is there is only one catch. You need to be a successful and profitable Amazon Seller, demonstrating a profitable track record of selling on Amazon for 6 months, in order to get an investment from AccrueMe.

Our investment is Profit-Centric. Meaning, we only make money if our seller partners generate a profit.

If you don’t generate a profit, or worse, lose money, we make no money.

So the only catch, if you want to call it that, is your ability to generate a profit. If you do, this is the best Capital solution for you.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our current Seller partners have to say about AccrueMe.

How much capital can you invest in my business?


We have $100 Million ready to invest in Amazon Sellers.

We will invest and match what you have invested in your business and grow with you from there, up to $1M dollars, and provide free business growth tools and human support for free. And although we will approve you for an equal amount to what you have invested in your business, we encourage you to take only what you need and then request more as your needs grow. The biggest mistake a Seller could make with AccrueMe is taking too much and not deploying it in profitable products quickly. Leaving money in the bank does not help anyone, so only take what your business needs.

In exchange, AccrueMe earns a small share of the net profit. Check out the Profit Share section of the FAQ above.

That’s right, we only make money when you make money. Fair? You decide.

How do Taxes work if you Invest in my business?


You are responsible for collecting, filing and paying sales taxes. Most Amazon business owners are doing that via Amazon. Income taxes are your responsibility to file and send AccrueMe a K1 consistent with our share of the profit (which will be included in your AccrueMe reports).

For your accountant: Provided that, to the extent the Company deducts costs of goods sold pursuant to the cash method of accounting in a given tax year that exceed the costs of goods sold attributed to actual goods sold in such tax year, such excess deductions shall be allocated to the Profit-Share Member in an amount equal to such excess deductions multiplied by a fraction, the numerator of which is the total Profit-Share Member Profit for the tax year and the denominator of which is the Apportionable Profit for such tax year.


Do I work for you?


Of course not! When you receive an investment from AccrueMe you maintain 100% of the ownership of your business.

  • You make the decisions. We support you with Capital and tools to help you grow profit quickly.

  • You maintain the vast majority of the profit share, always.

  • We are a partner to help you grow.

What if I lose money (in my business or product)?


We are your partner. We only make money if you make money.

Our only investment requirement is that you are a profitable and proven seller. If you are not making a profit when you apply, AccrueMe will not approve you as a partner at this time.

We provide free business tools and advice that promotes smart business practices, like knowing your numbers, diversification, training on seasonality and turn times to reduce bad buying decisions that negatively affect the business as a whole.

Even with those tools, this is business, and not every product is a winner. We only make money when you make money, so if you don’t make a profit in one month, neither do we. Period. Full stop.

That said, before taking on any capital you should consider whether or not you have enough new buying opportunities to put AccrueMe capital to work. If you don’t, taking on additional capital is the worst thing you can do for your business.

What is the interest rate charged by AccrueMe?


Zero. We do not charge an interest rate. We want you to grow your business so you can grow your profits, and you can’t grow your business if you are paying money (in the form of interest or fees) for profits you’ve already earned.

What can I expect my monthly payments to AccrueMe to be?



Zero. AccrueMe does not require monthly payments, which is one of our favorite features. At the end of each month, you can decide how much you want to pay AccrueMe. If you want to pay us our share of the profits for that month, great! If you’d rather keep that money invested in your business and keep using it to buy more product to increase your profits even further, that’s great too!

Wait, what? Why doesn’t AccrueMe require monthly payments?


We know it sounds too good to be true, but the answer is simple. If we let you keep the AccrueMe-earmarked portion of your profits each month, you will have more capital to grow your business, and that capital will compound upon itself. That means that in the long run, both you and AccrueMe will make more money. Which is our goal! We’re not partnering with you so we can make quick money. We’re partnering with you so we can help you grow your business by providing you with the capital you need. Once you no longer need our capital, you can pay us back our initial investment and our share of the accrued profits, and from then on, you can enjoy the increased profits of your scaled-up business--- and when we say you can enjoy the increased profits once you pay us back, we mean you can enjoy 100% of those profits!

Do you pull my personal credit report?


No, we don’t pull your credit report. We believe that our program is so good that even if you had poor credit in the past, we can help you straighten it out by helping you increase your income! Why does this work for us? Because we only partner with Sellers who have proven themselves to be profitable in the past. So we’re confident that when we help you increase your inventory and increase your sales, you’ll be increasing your profit and, of course, your income.

Do I have to sign a personal guarantee?

Nope! We don’t require a personal guarantee. You are going to have more money to buy more inventory, so we trust that you will be singularly focused on finding suppliers and new products. The only guarantee we want is the guarantee that you will work hard to build your company so we can all win. And since we only partner with profitable sellers, we’re confident that our sellers are hard-working people.



What percent of profits does AccrueMe earn in the first 30 days?


You might be tired of hearing this number by now, but the answer is… zero! People find this surprising--- why are we letting you have our capital for a full month and not asking for any share of the profits in that time? Well, it’s simple. We have an experienced team of entrepreneurs and we know how selling works, especially on Amazon. So we know that sometimes it takes some time to invest new capital in the right purchases when it comes to inventory. We don’t want you to rush anything (because again, the better you do, the better we do!), and we know it wouldn’t be fair for us to ask for a share of the profits before you’ve had the chance to properly use the capital we’ve given you to increase YOUR profits. AccrueMe wants to make money WITH you, and that starts with us giving you the fairest deal we possibly can. That’s why when we give you our capital, we wait a full month before even thinking about asking for a share of the profits.

Is there any inventory I cannot buy?


No, you can buy whatever you want. But there is some inventory that AccrueMe might not fund, such as a new, unproven private label product. We will only fund a private label product if it is already performing well and you just need to buy more of it. But if you have an idea for a new private label product, we’d like to see a bit of proven success with that product before we’re willing to invest in it. Because our offer is fair and generous, but it only works for us when you’re making a profit. And while we are proud of the great deal we offer, we need that deal to work for us, too. And again, at AccrueMe we are all about GROWTH and long-term success. So if you buy inventory that AccrueMe does not support, that’s not a problem… but it will lower your capital when it comes to calculating the AccrueMe profit %. But since we’re not funding that product, we’re also not including that when it comes to the % of profits we take. So you’re welcome to spend money on new private label products--- just know that AccrueMe won’t be funding those expenses. At AccrueMe, we invest in sellers that have verifiable, sustainable strategies that need capital to scale out.

How will I know the current status of the Control Account (how much is in the account and how much is available to be disbursed to me)?



AccrueMe provides you with a dashboard detailing the key information you need to run the business at all times. We are also available to our partners to answer any questions at any time.

Who wires funds to my suppliers?


AccrueMe receives the Inventory Request from you and wires the funds to the Supplier for you, then provides notice to you. We’re happy to take care of it--- you just focus on selling!

Can I purchase inventory with my credit card?


Yes, you can! You will get credit to your Capital account when the inventory is received by Amazon, whereas, if AccrueMe

wires the funds, you get credit immediately.


What if I don't like the AccrueMe arrangement, when can I cancel or terminate the agreement?

You can cancel at any time. But we expect that you’ll want to keep our partnership going longer. We believe that most people will want AccrueMe Capital to remain invested for at least 1-3 years. After 1-3 years of having your capital doubled, we expect that you’ll have grown so much that AccrueMe represents a small percentage of your capital, and you will not need the additional Capital. And once you don’t need (or want) our capital, we of course don’t want to be asking for any of your profits. And remember, once you’ve paid us back our investment and given us our share of the accrued capital, you owe us ZERO from then on. Our partnership is only temporary. We take ZERO permanent ownership in your business, and it’s our hope that once you’ve used our capital to grow your business, you can enjoy keeping 100% of your scaled-up profits for years and years to come. We love success stories!


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