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Our Mission & Model

AccrueMe™ realizes that we only win when you win.

Our primary goal is to help Amazon Sellers earn more money. Growth is almost always the driving force behind added profits. If Growth and Additional Profits interest you, then keep reading.

 AccrueMe provides quality Amazon Funding with debt-free capital, and we don't take any permanent ownership in your company...


Why AccrueMe?

AccrueMe Amazon Funding Comparisons

How do I grow my Amazon business while still being able to pay my bills, take care of my family, and, frankly, have a life?! It's an age-old question for business owners that has a simple answer: funding! Currently, there are a number of Amazon funding options available to 3rd party sellers: loans, credit cards, factoring, merchant advances… even Amazon itself has some options they encourage people to consider. We are sure you've considered them yourself, but there is a big problem with these traditional financing options that always seem to stop or at least give pause to savvy business people: the high-interest rates and the large payments required even during bad months...


How much can you grow your profits?

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Can We Help You?

Now that you know who WE are, here’s a bit about who YOU (hopefully) are. We are looking for hard-working, Amazon FBA sellers looking for Amazon funding to grow their business. Our goal is to invest $100,000,000 within the next few months in amounts of $10,000 to $1,000,000 and up per Seller.

Here are a few questions for you to consider:

  • Are you looking for an infusion of cash to spend on buying products so your business can grow?

  • Are you hard-working, and willing to work even harder once you get a boost in capital?

  • Are you willing to be accountable to a partner?

  • Are you willing to follow a set of reasonable agreed-upon rules and procedures?

  • Are you willing to consider feedback from our highly experienced team of entrepreneurs in order to help continue using your strengths and work on any mistakes you might be making?

  • Are you willing to be transparent and honest when it comes to accounting and inventory tracking?

  • Since our cash will be helping you grow your business and scale your profits, are you willing to share a small piece of your growing pie?

If these things are a problem for you, you might not be a good fit for the AccrueMe Amazon Funding. If all of that sounds fair, we’d love to work with you and provide the money and guidance you need for your Amazon business to grow.

The Process

AccrueMe will invest $10,000 to $1,000,000 (or even more) in every Amazon business we partner with. We are willing to invest up to 50% of the total capital (so if you have $100,000 invested in your business, we are also willing to invest up to $100,000).  In exchange, AccrueMe receives a temporary profit share, but only for as long as you have our capital. Don’t worry, we ask for ZERO permanent ownership (equity or debt). Our temporary profit share ranges from 5%-25% depending on the amount of our investment and the amount invested by the Amazon Seller. Even if we are providing 50% of your business total capital, we only ask for half of that percentage (25%) in profit sharing! Once you pay us back our investment and our small share of the added profits we helped you earn, all your profits are yours. 


When do you pay us back? You pay us when you want to. There are ZERO required monthly payments. An Amazon seller can pay us our share of the profit every month if they want, or they can leave our capital in the business and let it accrue so your business can continue to scale. Our investment process is 100% based on the seller’s ability to profit on Amazon. There is no interest, collateral, or personal guarantees.

What is AccrueMe?

AccrueMe™, founded by a  team of highly experienced, successful, and well-known entrepreneurs, is a revolutionary source of capital for Amazon FBA sellers looking to take their business to the next level. Unlike receiving a loan, factoring, or a merchant advance, AccrueMe Amazon Funding means ZERO monthly interest payments and ZERO loss of ownership or equity in your business. AccrueMe gives you the funding you need to scale your profits in return for a small temporary share of your profits, only for as long as you need our money. We win when our partners win, and the AccrueMe team has the experience, knowledge, track record of success, connections, and drive to help you win.


How Did We Get Here?

AccrueMe™ was born when two old friends from early in their careers in the mortgage industry reconnected after 20 years of losing touch. Don Henig and Eric Kotch were once friendly competitors in the mortgage industry, but when new legislation threatened their livelihoods, they came together and formed the New York Association of Mortgage Brokers. They were able to communicate well enough to adjust the pending legislation for the good of New Yorkers and the industry ....

Where We Invest

Are you an Amazon Seller owner looking to grow your business for the long-run or eventually sell it? 

1. Is a lack of long-term Funding holding your Amazon business back from generating larger profits?

2. Have you been Profitably selling on Amazon for the last 6 months or longer?

3. Do you have at least $5,000 Invested in your Business?


Yes? We want to partner with you!


Contact us today and learn how much we can invest in your business.

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Below is a sample of some of the Amazon businesses we're currently invested in... 

AccrueMe Wholesale Portfolio Company

Wholesale Portfolio Company

Authorized Re-Seller of Various Brand Name Products

Initial Investment Date

Total Investment

2019 Revenue

2019 Profit

Growth Since Working With AccrueMe

March 2019




Revenue increased from $100,000 in 2018 to $400,000 in 2019. 

AccrueMe Private Label Portfolio Company

Private Label Portfolio Company

Home Goods Brand Selling Only On Amazon

Initial Investment Date

Total Investment

2019 Revenue

2019 Profit

Growth Since Working With AccrueMe

Nov 2019




The business owner sold their previous PL brand and are replicating that successful sale in a new PL business with AccrueMe's help.  

AccrueMe Wholesale Portfolio Company

Wholesale Portfolio Company

Authorized Re-Seller Specializing In The Sale of Topicals and Wellness Products on Amazon 

Initial Investment Date

Total Investment

2019 Revenue

2019 Profit

Growth Since Working With AccrueMe

June 2019




Generating 10% Monthly ROI consistently


Meet The AccrueMe Team

Don Henig

Don Henig, Co-Founder of AccrueMe™, was the former president of 3 of 4 divisions of NYSE listed company w/ 7,000+ employees. He and his teams funded well over $100 billion in mortgage financing and Don produced 8 feature films.


Most notably, at 11 years old Don was awarded the #1 salesperson for the Long Island Press where he built his paper route to an unmanageable size. 

  • Donald Henig - LinkedIn
Eric Kotch

Eric Kotch, Co-Founder of AccrueMe™, is a graduate of the Wharton School and Penn Law. He is a member of the New York State Bar Association. Eric currently serves on the Investment Committee of Acquis Capital, a private investment firm that specializes in acquisition and project financing. 

  • Donald Henig - LinkedIn
Mark Gonsalves

Mark Gonsalves is a Principal of ALGO Online Retail and Acquis Capital, LLC. Mark began his career in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs as a franchise owner with Anthony Robbins & Associates after serving his country in active duty as a Captain with the US Army Special Forces. Mark has worked closely with Daymond John, helped lead the launch of The Daymond John Launch Academy, and NY Times Best selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Mark Victor Hansen.

  • Donald Henig - LinkedIn
AccrueMe Testimonial
"From the moment I heard how different AccrueMe was, I was hooked.
There are many options for growing your Amazon business out there, but NONE like this. AccrueMe is the real deal.
They only make money when you make money. Which incentivizes AccrueMe to want you to do as well as possible. It also takes away all the stresses of having to pay back a loan (especially if your Amazon business is going through a slower sales time which definitely happens with all businesses from time to time).
On top of the amazing concept of AccrueMe, is the Team you get along with it! I've NEVER met a more caring, passionate, positive, helpful, energetic, understanding, and transparent team before; not to mention a company! Scaling and Growing my business has never been easier! Don't miss out on this opportunity!"
Tim I.
$12K Investment, AccrueMe Partner since 2018

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