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AccrueMe Discusses Innovative Financing Model with Amazon Sellers Group TG

AccrueMe Co-Founder, Donald Henig, recently had a fascinating conversation with Ed Rosenberg from the Amazon Sellers Group TG about AccrueMe's unique financing model. Check out the video above!

AccrueMe's model is different from the rest of Amazon sellers' funding options. Most options have interest rates or a fixed payment schedule tied to the funding. With AccrueMe, Amazon sellers decide when they want to pay back the capital.

This model allows sellers to obtain capital and grow their business when they are low on cash.

Many clients will ask to receive funding in preparation for the fourth quarter, so they can significantly increase their fourth quarter profits. Then, after a big Q4, they decide to pay back some of AccrueMe's capital.

Another big difference between AccrueMe and other funding options is AccrueMe genuinely cares about sellers' success. AccrueMe only makes money when the seller makes money. AccrueMe offers their clients professional consulting support & suspension support on top of the funding.

AccrueMe is also a sponsor of the upcoming ASGTG Meet Up event on August 25th in Brooklyn, New York. This all-day event connects Amazon’s top sellers with Amazon experts, speakers, and others who strive to succeed in the marketplace. It also includes a lavish gourmet Brunch and dinner.

If you're ready to take your Amazon business to the next level, click here to apply for Amazon funding.

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