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Cutting Edge Proven SEO Strategy by My Amazon Guy

Guest Post by: My Amazon Guy

Learning how to develop and build a successful SEO strategy that focuses on generating traffic to the listings is critical to one's success in the Amazon business. My Amazon Guy’s proprietary four-phased SEO strategy works in conjunction with its PPC strategy and helps improve traffic, conversion, and sales on Amazon! Here's how to do it, and feel free to watch this video.

3 SEO Tips to Grow Amazon Sales

Search engine optimization on Amazon is one of the most underrated and underutilized facets of growing sales. Here are three actionable strategies to improve SEO.

1. Set alt text of photos on A+ content and brand stories

Have 500 to 1000 Words of Copy

It is crucial to include around 1000 words of copy, positioned in multiple locations on each listing. Place plenty of that copy inside the A+ content, keeping the most essential and unique information at the top, working down towards more general information, including category details and your brand story.

Add 100 Characters to Your Alt Text for Each Photo

Make use of this opportunity, in the 100 or so characters of alt text of an image, to include common misspellings, synonyms, and foreign language terms, because they’re not visible to the public but will improve your ranking. Spanish, for example, is the fastest-growing demographic on Amazon.

Do not miss to put keywords in the Brand Story

Create a carousel of modules with texts and images. Use this space to inform customers about the brand and highlight the product. Images with heavy crawlable text are very informative! Opportunity to tell a story! What is your brand? What is this product? How does one use this product appropriately? How can the product benefit your life?!

2. Put Text On The Main Image To Improve Click-Thru-Rate (CTR)

Aside from making the main image look bigger by cropping the top and bottom parts of it. Place text on it makes to improve Click-Thru-Rate even more. Make sure that the size of the main image, the angle, and the text that the customers will see and read will make them want to go and hit the "Buy" button right away.

Amazon Listing Main Photo
Amazon Listing Main Photo

3. Check Out The Search Query ICAP report

The best way to increase the market share on Amazon is to increase these four: 1. Impressions 2. Clicks 3. Add to Carts 4. Purchases Here's How To Use the ICAP Marketing Funnel:

  • Ensure that the list of ASINs using matches being used matches the overall criteria for this phase:

    • Mature indexed listings which are currently eligible for phase 3 SEO

  • Next access the search query index portal

  • Choose the Eligible Brand for the Listings which you are optimizing for

  • Select Report Range as Monthly, Select the current Year, & Select the previous Month

  • The metric we will be sorting by will be “rank” from best to worst (a rank of 1-50 is the focus point)

Where to Apply Keywords from the ICAP Report:

  • Title

  • Bullets

  • Description

  • A+ Content crawlable text

  • Back-end search terms

  • Alt text

  • Advertising

ICAP Marketing Funnel
ICAP Marketing Funnel

My Amazon Guy has achieved growth over the last four years and has been trusted to manage more than 300 brands. As a way of giving back to the community, MAG-School has created low-cost but highly valued courses like SEO, and PPC to continue to educate more people who are passionate about learning Amazon. This team of seasoned Amazon experts is always on the lookout for new features and developments in the Amazon platform and tries to inform and provide the quick solutions possible.

If anyone has business questions in mind, we invite you to come to Steven Pope's AMA Live Q&A every Thursday at 12:00 noon EST.



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