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How To Create High-Converting Amazon Listings With Product Imagery

Guest Post by: Marknology

Seller competition on Amazon is fierce and getting buyers to discover your product is a gigantic task. With more than 353 million products being sold on Amazon and this number growing every day, focusing on sharp product images and storytelling is the only way to attract shoppers to your Amazon listing and increase the likelihood of them purchasing your product.

Since most of the sensory impressions that shoppers receive while shopping in a brick-and-mortar store are missing when shopping online, the only way potential customers can interact with your brand is through images. Choosing the right imagery influences the customer’s purchasing decision and maximizes your conversion rate!

A study by Big Commerce found that 78% of online shoppers purchasing decisions were influenced by quality photographs. The truth is most shoppers that come across your brand when performing a product search on Amazon, don’t even know what your business and your products are about. Thus, your amazon listing is a way to introduce yourself and the only tool you have to offer an accurate representation of your product.

The Power of Images on Amazon

1. Good images increase the likelihood that a prospective customer will click through to your product detail page, which at the same time will help drive a higher volume of purchases.

2. If a product page receives more clicks and generates a higher volume of sales, it will automatically rank better in Amazon search results (SERPs). The higher you rank on Amazon, the more chances you have to reach thousands of customers as over 80% of sales happen on page 1 of Amazon's search results.

Now that you understand why product photography can be the difference between a customer clicking the “add to cart” button and moving on to the next product listing, let’s dive into what makes good product photography for your Amazon listing!

The Fundamentals of Good Photography on Amazon

1. Portrays exactly what your product is about

Compelling images should not only showcase your brand aesthetic but also an accurate representation of what is being sold without question. If customers do not understand what your product is about and how it helps solve one of their pain points when staring at your photos, forget about getting a sale!

For example, let’s look at these two different product images that feature as the main image of each listing. Both are warmers for baby wipes but the first one looks like a printer scanner, right? It takes just one image that doesn’t showcase what your product is about for customers not to click on your product listing page and end up on the competitor’s page instead!

2. Highlights the product’s unique selling point

People rarely read past the title. That is why when getting people to understand your product, you should never rely just on your product title or description. Each image on a listing should be purposefully educating the consumer on the key features of your product and highlighting your unique selling point that aims to solve the customer’s pain points.

This not only helps build brand consistency and legitimacy but buyers will decide better and quicker, without even reading an entire post!

Here’s an excellent example of an Amazon listing that includes digestible pieces of information and it’s visually appealing. Notice it isn’t an explicit transcription of their product’s key features, but a cohesive and simple narrative that makes the product come alive by communicating the most important selling points.

3. Creates an emotional connection with the customer

An ideal image should make customers feel something after looking at a product’s photos. It is the only way customers develop loyalty and what will drive them to make a purchase from you and keep coming back. Thus, each of your images should speak about the quality of your products.

Bon ami used lifestyle photos -a powerful marketing tool that shows products in action- to connect with their audience on an emotional level by helping them imagine what the product looks like in real life.

Final Thoughts

Product photography is the easiest way to battle against the fierce competition in your product niche and make your products stand out from the crowd. You just need to know exactly what it is that you’re going to highlight in each of the seven images that Amazon allows you to use and think of a cohesive narrative that can inspire an emotional reaction in the customers when they go through your listing.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the sales!

If you want a team of experts that know what it takes to create sharp imagery on Amazon that converts, do not hesitate to contact Marknology. When it comes to branding and outstanding visuals that tell a story, Marknology is the full-service Amazon marketplace agency you would want to have by your side. They have worked with more than 350 worldwide businesses of all sizes and categories helping them achieve outstanding results!


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