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The AccrueMe Mission & Model

AccrueMe™ realizes that we only win when you win.

Our primary goal is to help Amazon Sellers earn more money. Growth is almost always the driving force behind added profits. If Growth and Additional Profits interest you, then keep reading.


AccrueMe™ provides quality Amazon Sellers with debt-free capital and we don't take any permanent ownership in your company! 


We do not act as a lender and charge interest, or ask for monthly payments, or require credit reports. And we don’t ask for any personal guarantees.


We do not ask for ownership of any part of your business or any permanent share of your profits.


So, if AccrueMe™ is, not a lender and not a permanent investor, what is AccrueMe™, and why do we do what we do?


To understand our model, it might help to understand our motivation.

AccrueMe™ was created as an innovative provider of powerful growth capital for Amazon Sellers!


Yes, Growth Capital without interest, payments, or loss of ownership in your business. In fact, we want to help you grow larger as fast (but as responsibly) as possible, and help you scale and potentially even sell your company with you receiving a big windfall, while AccrueMe™ fairly receives the return of its investment and its accrued profits.

AccrueMe™ recognizes that Amazon Sellers earn a good profit percentage (ROI) on most items they sell. 


We want to help you grow larger and more profitable, and in return, we want to share in a small percentage of the profits, but only temporarily – only for as long as you want to use our capital to grow. In exchange for doubling your capital, we temporarily receive a small “piece” of a much bigger pie. And you don’t even have to pay us every month. Pay us when it is best for you and your business. 


Once you’ve given us back our investment and our accrued share of profits, you continue to keep 100% of the profits of your newly scaled-up business without worrying about us trying to take a chunk. We don’t ask for any permanent piece of the profits. Once you’ve used our cash to take your business to the next level and make the profit pie bigger, and given us a small slice as payment for our help in the “kitchen,” you’ll get to eat 100% of the pie your growing business makes, forever!


Once you’ve paid us back, the only reward we need is the satisfaction of seeing you continue to win.


We believe Sellers will grow faster as a result of not having to take money out of their business and make monthly payments. AccrueMe™ will have the opportunity to enjoy some of your success as long as (and only as long as) you are using our Capital, but our priority is making sure the deal is inherently fair.

We have created a liberating, empowering, debt-free way for Amazon Sellers to access growth capital through a more efficient and beneficial risk-reward paradigm attuned to the realities of today’s Sellers.


If the AccrueMe™ offer was not already fair enough, there is one additional part of the model that should interest everyone – AccrueMe’s profit percentage naturally declines as you grow!


That’s right, you can use our money to grow and as a direct result of that growth, we earn a smaller and smaller percentage of profits. 


That’s because our goal isn’t to exploit your business or squeeze you for every penny we can get--- it’s to scale and grow your profits, while just taking enough reward for our assistance to keep our business model sound and viable.


We urge you to visit the AccrueMe calculator and privately input your scenario to see how your growth would skyrocket, even as the AccrueMe™ profit percentage declines. It’s pretty amazing!


Maybe we tipped the scale a little more heavily in favor of our Sellers, but after all, they are our partners! Like we said at the start, AccrueMe™ realizes that we only win when you win.

Ready to take things to the next level? Apply now and get pre-approved for Amazon funding from AccrueMe and double your capital.

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