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AccrueMe The Best Amazon Seller Funding Option

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

AccrueMe The Best Amazon Seller Funding Option

Don Henig recently sat down with Shawn Michael of the Amazon FBA Rockstars Facebook Group to discuss AccrueMe, the Growth Capital Investment Firm for Amazon sellers.

The entrepreneurs met about a year ago, but feel like they have known each other for years. Don Henig is a Co-Founder of AccrueMe and Shawn Michael is a well-known

E-commerce Expert and truth-teller.

They reconnected the other day to discuss AccrueMe.

AccrueMe has $100 million ready to invest in Amazon businesses.

AccrueMe will double a seller’s capital with no interest payments, no monthly payments, no credit check, no personal guarantees, and no loss of ownership in the seller’s business.

AccrueMe will do this for a seller in return for a small percentage of profits.

Don gave the example, that if an Amazon seller has $10,000 invested into their business and they make 20% ROI per month, then the seller makes $2,000 profits that month. Great!

AccrueMe matches the Amazon business’s $10,000 investment, giving the seller a total of $20,000.

The business produces 20% ROI per month, which means the profits go up to $4,000.

AccrueMe earns a percentage of profits per month, which is half the percentage of its invested capital.

In this example, AccrueMe represents 50% of the invested money and receives 25% of the profits for that month. Thus, giving the seller $3,000, a 50% increase in their ROI on their invested capital!

It gets better.

AccrueMe leaves its profits in the business. Unless the seller wants AccrueMe to take them out.

So, AccrueMe now has $11,000 invested, and the seller just went from $10,000 to $13,000. AccrueMe’s revised capital percentage drops to 46% of the business, which means next month they only get 23% of the profits.

Overtime this percentage gets lower and lower. It is a profit-sharing partnership between AccrueMe and the Amazon seller.

If the seller does not make money, neither does AccrueMe.

Amazon sellers only pay AccrueMe™ for as long as AccrueMe™ is invested in their business. If and when a seller decides to sell the business, AccrueMe™ only receives its original capital plus its accrued profits.

It is a true win/win.

Don Henig emphasizes “It must benefit the seller. We only make money if the seller makes money.”

A bank loan can put your business and family at risk because they require you to make monthly payments, even during bad months or they take your assets. That stress can be unbearable!

AccrueMe will not. They will help get the seller’s business back on track.

This type of financing has never been done before. AccrueMe’s business model has the power to disrupt how the financing will be done in the future.

Right now, AccrueMe is only focused on Amazon sellers, but there is potential in the other marketplaces.

The capital is ready to help Amazon businesses grow today, especially going into Q4.

To watch the full interview between Don Henig and Shawn Michael, please click here.

To learn more about AccrueMe, the partnership model, and how to apply for Amazon funding, sign up here.

Ready to take things to the next level? Apply now and get pre-approved for Amazon Seller Funding from AccrueMe and double your capital.

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