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AccrueMe's Innovative Financing For Amazon Sellers Featured On The Post Purchase Pro Podcast

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Don Henig from AccrueMe joined Shawn Hart and Seth Stevens from the Post Purchase Pro Podcast to discuss a success-based financing for Amazon Sellers experiment proven to work with 0% interest.

Listen to Don Henig from AccrueMe on the Post Purchase Pro Podcast HERE

- Don Henig's history as a "serial entrepreneur"

- Why Amazon Sellers are skeptical about current lending offers in the marketplace

-The opportunity for growth with the proper funding

-Who is AccrueMe able to help

-Words of advice for any entrepreneur seeking funding

Post purchase marketing is the fastest way to gain an advantage when selling on Amazon. While most sellers ignore this channel the founders of Post Purchase PRO have fast tracked their Amazon success by creating a real relationship with customers. "Instead of treating our Amazon customers like a transaction, we develop an insanely profitable ongoing relationship with them by continuing to deliver value for them all while generating repeat purchases for our business." It's through email marketing that we've been able to add an additional 66% of revenue to our business. Email is just the beginning though, we use SMS text, direct mail, retargeting, and other channels outside of Amazon to further our growth. In this podcast, the founders Seth Stevens and Shawn Hart discuss many of the secrets to their ongoing success.


About AccrueMe®

AccrueMe provides success-based financing for Amazon Sellers. With decades of experience in lending, AccrueMe's leaders have created a completely new way of providing capital, powered by a proprietary portal built around leading-edge eCommerce technology. With unprecedented line of sight into business data, AccrueMe’s portal simplifies financing for online retailers in a way that was never before possible: based entirely on sellers' success, and repaid when best for the seller, and not based upon a pre-determined schedule. Ecommerce retailers have built their businesses on the latest technology, we believe they deserve financing from a partner that's powered the same way. AccrueMe: cutting edge capital for eCommerce. Learn more at



Clark benson
Clark benson
Mar 22

AccrueMe, a leading provider of innovative financing solutions for Amazon sellers, recently gained recognition on the prestigious Post Purchase Pro Podcast. The podcast highlighted AccrueMe's unique approach to empowering Amazon sellers with flexible funding options and strategic support. In this article, we do my assignment into the key insights and benefits of AccrueMe's financing model as showcased on the podcast.


Sep 30, 2023

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