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AccrueMe's Innovative Funding For Amazon Sellers Featured On High Voltage Business Builders Podcast

Don Henig from AccrueMe joined Neil Twa from The High Voltage Business Builders Podcast to discuss AccrueMe’s Little-Known Ways to Fund 100% of Your FBA Growth With 0% Interest.

Listen to Don Henig from AccrueMe on The High Voltage Business Builders podcast HERE.

On this podcast, Don and Neil Discuss;

- What to do when you need to scale but don’t necessarily have the capital

- The current issues with the traditional revenue-based funding for Amazon Sellers

- The benefits of profit-based financing in the Amazon Marketplace

- How AccrueMe’s funding works and the different ways it can help Amazon Sellers grow

The High Voltage Business Builders podcast looks deeply into the unique stories of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, many of whom you’ve never heard of. Success is within your grasp, too, if you simply use the same keys these amazingly successful entrepreneurs used to unlock their success. There are five specific keys to success that every entrepreneur has used to unlock their level of success. We talk about how they each used these keys to unlock success on the show. You get the benefit of learning how to emulate their success by using the same keys.


AccrueMe provides success-based capital for Ecommerce. With decades of experience in lending, AccrueMe's leaders have created a completely new way of providing capital, powered by a proprietary portal built around leading-edge Ecommerce technology. With unprecedented line of sight into business data, AccrueMe’s portal simplifies financing for online retailers in a way that was never before possible: based entirely on sellers' success, and repaid when best for the seller, and not based upon a pre-determined schedule. Ecommerce retailers have built their businesses on the latest technology, we believe they deserve financing from a partner that's powered the same way. AccrueMe: cutting edge capital for eCommerce. Learn more at


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