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How to Source Capital for Amazon Sellers Looking to Grow

Don Henig from AccrueMe spoke on the eComWhiz Podcast to discuss how his company sources capital for Amazon sellers looking to grow their business.

Rob Stanley, the host of the eComWhiz Podcast, asks Don Henig a series of questions and runs through multiple scenarios of how the investment company works.

To listen to the full Apple podcast, please click here.

How does AccrueMe help Amazon businesses grow?

AccrueMe will double a seller's capital to accelerate revenue and inventory growth.

AccrueMe is looking for Amazon sellers who are already profitable and want to increase those profits.

Walk us through the steps to get money from AccrueMe?

Sellers can apply by answering a few questions, which takes less than five minutes.

Afterward, AccrueMe will come up will a basic proposal on how much money it will invest if the information on the application is accurate.

If the seller likes the proposal, then AccrueMe will ask to analyze their inventory to see which products are selling successfully.

How is AccrueMe different?

It is an investment, not a loan.

There is no credit check, no interest rates, monthly payments, and no loss of equity for the seller.

How does AccrueMe make money?

AccrueMe invests in exchange for a small percentage of profits. However, AccrueMe only makes money if the seller makes money.

AccrueMe will also leave their profits in the business, so the seller can continue to use it to grow. The seller is not required to make any payment until they

How much can AccrueMe grow your profits?

To see how much AccrueMe's investment can grow your profits, please use the AccrueMe Calculator.

What size Amazon sellers can qualify for AccrueMe?

The investment company has $100 Million ready to invest in small, medium, and large Amazon businesses.

Follow the link to sign up for a free video presentation to find out how AccrueMe can help grow and expand your business:


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