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Maintaining Amazon Seller Performance & Account Health

Amazon Seller Performance

Maintaining your Amazon Seller Performance and Account Health is extremely important. A couple of weeks ago, AccrueMe covered what to do (and more importantly, what mistakes to avoid) when your Amazon Seller Account gets suspended. The best way to avoid an Amazon Seller Account Suspension in the first place is to build and maintain strong Seller Performance on Amazon. Here are some of the ways you can keep on the “nice list” when it comes to the Seller Performance department at Amazon.

Read, understand, and remember Amazon’s policies

The best way to avoid breaking the rules is to know the rules. Nobody wants to spend hours reading boring terms and conditions sheets, but if you are serious about building and maintaining a successful Amazon Business, you have to put the time in to read the rules that govern your business. Make sure to read the rules you agree to when you sign up, and stay on top of any rule changes when you are notified that the terms have changed.

Do things the right way

If you know the rules (see above) and make it a priority to behave ethically, legally, transparently and in accordance with all regulations, you are unlikely to find yourself in trouble with Amazon Seller Performance. The most important thing you can do to succeed is to sell good products and treat your customers well. If you are doing that, you will make money, and there is no reason to do anything you wouldn’t want Amazon to find out about--- especially because they will find out. Remember, Amazon Seller Performance is Santa Claus, and you want to stay on the nice list.

Keep things supervised and straightened up by getting help

Especially if you are a large account, there is a lot of money at stake and you don’t want your account to be shut down or even suspended for a short period of time, because you would lose out on tons of sales. Consider hiring a consultant and/or a lawyer to review your practices and make sure you are handling everything properly when it comes to Amazon’s Seller Performance Guidelines.

Treat your customers well

This should be obvious for anybody selling a product, but your customers are very important. First of all, you want to treat your customers well so they will buy more products and write good reviews. But when it comes to Amazon Seller Performance, treating your customers well is even more important, because it will help you avoid frequent unhappy complaints that will bring your numbers down and put you in bad standing with Amazon.

Pay Attention

If things are going wrong, make sure to correct them before the problem grows and you find your account suspended. You can track your Amazon Seller Account Health score on your Seller dashboard, and if you see you have Policy Compliance issues that are bringing your score down, make sure to be proactive and immediately do what you can to fix these issues and avoid repeating any mistakes that have been made.

While many Amazon Sellers find themselves at least under review at some point in their careers, the best way to save yourself stress, hassle, and the suspension is to be proactive and prevent things from going wrong in the first place. Following the steps in this guide will help you maintain good standing with Amazon Seller Performance, which will help you keep your Amazon Business running smoothly at all times so that you can enjoy uninterrupted growth and profits.

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