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Marketing Makes The World Go Round, Not Money. So, What If It Were Free?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Marketing Makes The World Go Round, Not Money. So, What If It Were Free?
Marketing Makes The World Go Round, Not Money. So, What If It Were Free?

Marketing... it's what makes the wheels on the commercial world spin. It influences our daily lives whether you realize it or not. Whether it's a SuperBowl commercial or a social media influencer, marketing shapes how we buy and what we buy. Most importantly of all, it shapes how we run our businesses.

The biggest cornerstone of our philosophy here is to, not only sell new items, but to sell BRAND NAME items, and there is a reason for this...

Everyone and their mother is offering a get rich quick scheme, and that they hold the secret to YOUR success in this business (which is ironic because that is their form of marketing to you), but I digress. The one way to guarantee sales is to sell what people are already buying. 

As consumers, we all buy brand name items. Why? Reputation. Because we know that this brand has a reputation for being good quality, looks good, or maybe it's just popular because Drake and Kim Kardashian have one, consumers are more likely to buy it. Bottom line is that in our minds a brand name gives us assurances that we are making a good purchase. I'll give you an example:

Which would you choose? The headphones that my cousin made in his garage or the new Apple Airpod Pros? I get the sense that you all are siding with the Apple product, and how could blame you, but at the end of the day you don't really know, do you? For all, you know my cousin could know everything there is to know about sound quality and the production of headphones and have a factory in his garage to mass-produce his product and take the time to make sure each and every headphone he creates is the best it could possibly be. His product COULD be better than the AirPods, BUT you all-sided with Apple because you KNOW it's brand because you have seen before and know its reputation is one of good quality and excellent customer service. Whether you have purchased one yourself or have heard good things about it, you know this to be true because of one thing: marketing. The point of these companies spending MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars is to make sure that your eyeballs see it, recognize it, and want to buy it.

So, why does this matter for us? Well, we can use this to our advantage. Their marketing becomes our marketing if we only sell the brand name products that are already being pushed on the marketplace. There you go, marketing for free! Sounds simple, but I bet you've never thought about it that way.

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