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What Would Happen If We Didn't Match The Buy Box?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

What Would Happen If We Didn't Match The Buy Box
What If We Didn't Match The Buy Box?

As we know, matching the buy box is the way we get sales. When we match, Amazon rewards us with the buy box and subsequent sales. IF you are new to the Amazon selling game, we recommend always matching the buy box, but are there any times when we shouldn't match the buy box?

We recommend that you should never go lower than the current buy box price. Let's say you have a product that has a lot of qualified sellers on it. You decide to undercut the current buy box to establish a new buy box price and try to capitalize on all of those sales. This strategy might sound like a good idea if you don't take the other sellers into account. However, they are real people who will make decisions accordingly. What will end up happening is other sellers will either match the new buy box or (even worse) continue to undercut the price, causing your product to end up in a race to the basement and financially crippling your investment.

So, what do we do from here? Well, if you can't go under... go over.

Placing your price higher than the buy box can be done for multiple reasons. Most basic of which is simply because you can't afford to sell the product that low due to the price you bought them at. For a more complex situation, we go back to looking at the other qualified sellers. Say you notice a qualified seller who is aggressively setting their price to sell out quickly. This will leave you alone on the product. Once your competition sells out, you alone control the buy box (providing nobody else comes in and matches you, etc.), leaving your higher price to control the new buy box.

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