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Why Does AccrueMe Invest in Amazon Sellers?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Why Does AccrueMe Invest in Amazon Sellers?

First, let me adjust that subject line because we do so much more than just “invest” in Sellers.

Our #1 goal is to help Amazon Sellers earn more money. Growth is almost always the driving force to added profits. If Growth and additional profits interest you, then keep reading.

AccrueMe provides quality Amazon Sellers with debt-free capital and we don't take any permanent equity in your company either!

We do not act like a lender and charge interest, monthly payments, require credit reports, and no personal guarantees either. We do not act like an investor by charging an interest rate, requiring payments, and owning a large percentage of your business.

So, AccrueMe is not like a lender and not like an investor, so what is AccrueMe and why do we do what we do?

AccrueMe was created as an innovative provider of powerful growth capital for Amazon Sellers!

Yes, Growth Capital without interest, payments, or permanent equity in your business. In fact, we want to help you grow larger fast and help you sell your company with you receiving a big windfall, while AccrueMe fairly receives the return of its investment plus its accrued capital.

Perhaps if you understood our motivation, then you can more easily understand our model.

AccrueMe recognizes that Amazon Sellers earn a good ROI on most items they sell.

We want to help you grow larger and more profitable and in return, we want to share in a small percentage of the profits, but only temporarily – only for as long as you want to use our capital to grow.

We believe Sellers will grow faster as a result of not having to take money out of their business and make monthly payments, while AccrueMe has the opportunity to enjoy some of your success while you use our Capital – the whole offer is inherently fair.

We have created a liberating, empowering debt-free way for Amazon Sellers to access growth capital through a more efficient and beneficial risk-reward paradigm attuned to the realities of today’s Sellers.

If the AccrueMe offer was not fair enough, there is one additional part of the model that should interest everyone – AccrueMe’s profit percentage naturally declines as you grow!

That’s right, you can use our money to grow and as a direct result of that growth, we earn a smaller and smaller percentage of profits.

I urge you to visit the AccrueMe calculator and privately input your scenario and see how your growth skyrockets, while the AccrueMe profit percentage declines. It’s pretty amazing!

Maybe we tipped the scale a little more heavily in favor of our Sellers, well after all they are our partners!

AccrueMe solidly realizes that we only win when you win.

To learn more about AccrueMe, the partnership model, and how to apply for Amazon funding, sign up here.

Ready to take things to the next level? Apply now and get pre-approved for Amazon Seller Funding from AccrueMe and double your capital.

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