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Simas Zelvys 7 Figure Amazon Seller Interviews Don Henig of AccrueMe

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Simas Zelvys 7 Figure Amazon Seller Interviews Don Henig of AccrueMe

Don Henig, Co-Founder of AccrueMe, is speaking on several podcasts in the Amazon FBA community to spread the word about AccrueMe.

Amazon sellers need funding and AccrueMe™ is ready to invest in them.

Most recently, Don Henig spoke with Augustas Kligys and Simas Zelvys on the Orange Klik YouTube channel.

Augustas Kligys is the Founder of Orange Klik, a company that helps Amazon sellers get access to the knowledge of industry experts by creating video interviews and events.

Simas Zelvys is the marketing manager for his company who owns 4 private label brands. His company is looking to do $4 million in sales this year and 95% of their sales come from Amazon. In order to grow their business, they need constant funding for new projects.

Perfect! An Amazon seller who needs funding and AccrueMe™, the Growth Capital Investment Firm.

In Simas’s case, AccrueMe™ would look at the successful products in his portfolio and invest in those specific products.

So if AccrueMe™ decides to invest in 3 products within the portfolio, then AccrueMe™ would only receive a small percentage of profits from those 3 products.

The seller keeps 100% of the profits on all their other products. Private label sellers can choose to allocate their business’s funds to any products in their portfolio, but AccrueMe™ would receive profits on the products they chose to invest in.

Private label products need to show three months of being profitable for AccrueMe™ to invest in them. Wholesale Amazon sellers need to show six months of profitability for AccrueMe to invest in them.

Many private label companies’ end goal is to sell their brands. If AccrueMe™ is invested in a private label brand that is sold, then AccrueMe™ is only owed their original invested capital and its accrued profits.

AccrueMe™ loves to see their clients grow and reach their goals.

The seller can use the AccrueMe Calculator to see how the growth capital will affect their business.

The seller would input their average ROI per month, percentage of lifestyle withdrawal per month, amount of their invested capital, and the amount of AccrueMe’s invested capital.

The calculator takes all of that into account and compares the seller’s gross profit per month with and without AccrueMe’s capital over the next 2 years.

The calculator also creates two pie charts comparing the cumulative two-year profit breakdown. So, the first chart is without AccrueMe’s capital and shows the seller’s total retained profits and lifestyle withdrawals.

The second pie chart shows the total retained profits, lifestyle withdrawals, and AccrueMe’s profits if the seller chose to use AccrueMe’s capital for two years.

The last chart the calculator creates is a bar chart quantifying the profit percentages of the seller and AccrueMe™ each month. AccrueMe’s profit percentage gets smaller and smaller each month, which means the seller's gets larger each month. AccrueMe™ earns a smaller percentage of a much larger pie over time.

AccrueMe™ wants to see the sellers grow their business to the moon, sell it, and keep all the upside.

AccrueMe’s capital allows sellers to grow bigger and faster.

There is no downside to clicking the apply now for AccrueMe’s funding. There is no credit check and it is only a few questions that can be completed in a matter of minutes.

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