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AccrueMe Brings Partnership Model to Amazon Sellers

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

AccrueMe Brings Partnership Model to Amazon Sellers

Amazon dominates the eCommerce Market in every way. They own more than 40% of the market share and generate billions of dollars in sales each quarter.

There are more than 2.3 million Amazon sellers in the marketplace. Many of these sellers do thousands of dollars in sales each month.

However, it is difficult to scale an Amazon business without access to more capital.

Most of the sellers need more capital to purchase inventory and grow their profits.

Typical venture capital lenders have strict guidelines that make it difficult for Amazon sellers to utilize their money and grow.

Often, these lenders require monthly payments whether or not the seller's business is profitable that month.

How can Amazon sellers get access to capital without getting tied up in a detrimental contract?

Don Henig, Co-Founder of AccrueMe, told PYMNTS how his company provides growth capital to Amazon sellers through a unique partnership model.

AccrueMe invests money directly into the business, so Amazon sellers can use it to grow faster.

There is no required monthly payment and no loss of equity for the seller.

AccrueMe will also leave their portion of the profits in the business, so the seller can continue to use the capital to grow.

The purpose of this partnership model is so the Amazon seller can focus on growing their business, rather than stressing about paying off debt.

To learn more about AccrueMe, the partnership model, and how to apply for Amazon funding, sign up here.

Free video presentation to find out how AccrueMe can help grow and expand your Amazon FBA business.

Ready to take things to the next level? Apply now and get pre-approved for Amazon Seller Funding from AccrueMe and double your capital.

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