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AccrueMe Talks Amazon Funding On The Ecom Crew Podcast

Don Henig and the Ecom Crew Podcast discussed AccrueMe's new way of providing Amazon funding. Most Amazon sellers have the same dilemma: they need more capital. Finding capital that will increase your cash flow rather than hurt your cash flow can be hard.

AccrueMe's investment is structured to be business-friendly toward the Amazon seller. Most funding options stifle a seller's cash flow with interest rates and monthly payments. AccrueMe's investment structure has no interest, no required monthly payments, and no loss of ownership.

AccrueMe eliminates the worry of taking cash out of your business to pay bills. That way sellers can focus on scaling their business and growing their profits.

During the episode, Don walks through how AccrueMe started, how it works, and how Amazon sellers can get their hands on more capital.

If you're ready to take your Amazon business to the next level, click here to apply for Amazon funding.

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