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AccrueMe Speaks On TurnKey Product Management's Playbook For Amazon Sellers

Don Henig, Co-Founder of AccrueMe, spoke with TurnKey's founder Jeff Lieber about AccrueMe's unique Amazon funding solution for sellers.

Many Amazon sellers need more cash to take their business to the next level and AccrueMe offers business-friendly funding to those sellers. Business-friendly means it will not halt a seller's cash flow like the other funding alternatives.

AccrueMe's primary goal is to help successful Amazon sellers earn more money.

The other alternatives are usually bank loans or credit cards, and they include interest rates and strict repayment terms. AccrueMe's model does not include those harmful terms.

With AccrueMe model, sellers will...

  • Never miss a buying opportunity

  • Only pay AccrueMe if they earn a profit, and

  • They decide when to pay AccrueMe back!

If you're ready to take your Amazon business to the next level, click here to apply for Amazon funding.

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