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Conscionable Investing: The Art Of Performance-Based Growth Capital | Welcome to Growth Podcast

Updated: Feb 4

This week, one of our co-founders, Don Henig, caught up with our friends at the Welcome to Growth podcast, Dillon Carter and Johnathan Lyman. In a great episode with some really wonderful questions from Dillon and Johnathan, Don covers a lot about what AccrueMe does, from providing growth capital to providing guidance on how to sell your business!

First time hearing about AccrueMe? We are the leading capital partner for Amazon Sellers. AccrueMe becomes investment partners with Amazon Sellers by matching their capital so they can buy more inventory. We approach business not necessarily to make money, but to help businesses grow. As Johnathan put it, "this is conscionable lending." AccrueMe provides the best opportunity for growth with none of the drawbacks that come with a loan or a credit card. It is entirely performance-based investing.

You can hear more about our approach in the podcast:

Some of the great questions asked by Dillon and Johnathan and answered by Don on this episode include;

  • Does AccrueMe offer me anything besides just money?

  • How does the investment process with AccrueMe actually work?

  • Does AccrueMe plan on branching out to other markets outside of Amazon?

  • Will AccrueMe help me grow my business?

  • How can AccrueMe mitigate its risks?

Find out the answers to these questions and many more on episode 6 of the Welcome to Growth podcast.

To learn more about AccrueMe, the partnership model, and how to apply for Amazon funding, sign up here.

Ready to take things to the next level? Apply now and get pre-approved for Amazon Seller Funding from AccrueMe and double your capital.

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