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What Is Amazon Seller Lending?

Amazon Seller Lending is a common term used to refer to Amazon Seller Loans and Alternative Amazon Seller Financing options.

Typically, Amazon Seller Lending comes in the form of term loans, revenue-based loans, receivables factoring for Amazon Sellers, and fintech investments.

Amazon Seller Lending is often used to refer to a loan from Amazon Lending, the lending arm of Amazon corporate. In the U.S. Amazon Lending offers; term loans, interest-only loans, and lines of credit to select U.S.-based businesses. The term "Amazon Seller Lending" can also be used to describe any Amazon Seller Loan, Amazon FBA Loan, or financing for Amazon Sellers.

The most popular Amazon Seller Lending program is a term loan for Amazon Sellers. These usually amortize evenly over 3 to 12 months with APRs of 8 to 20%. Financing for Amazon Sellers comes in many forms and terms will vary greatly.

The various financing for Amazon Seller options have different qualifications. Amazon Lending by Amazon is an invite-only program while financing for Amazon Sellers while financing sources like AccrueMe for example only require that the business sell on profitably.

Is Amazon Seller Lending A Good Deal?

For profitable Amazon Sellers, Amazon Seller Lending and other financing options can be a great solution to help a small business grow. It is important that Amazon Seller properly understand all of the key terms of popular financing of Amazon Sellers before making a financing decision because the terms of financing options for Amazon Sellers vary greatly.


About AccrueMe®

AccrueMe provides success-based capital for eCommerce. With decades of experience in lending, AccrueMe's leaders have created a completely new way of providing capital, powered by a proprietary portal built around leading-edge eCommerce technology. With unprecedented line of sight into business data, AccrueMe’s portal simplifies financing for online retailers in a way that was never before possible: based entirely on sellers' success, and repaid when best for the seller, and not based upon a pre-determined schedule. Ecommerce retailers have built their businesses on the latest technology, we believe they deserve financing from a partner that's powered the same way. AccrueMe: cutting edge capital for eCommerce. Learn more at



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