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What Is An Amazon Seller Term Loan?

What Is An Amazon Seller Term Loan?
What Is An Amazon Seller Term Loan?

Amazon Seller Term Loans are loans where an Amazon Seller borrows money and agrees to a certain repayment schedule with a fixed or floating interest rate. For Amazon Sellers, term loans are most commonly offered through Seller Central Lending.

These loans tend to have equal monthly payment requirements over the term of the loan which can be between 3 and 24 months with an APR of 6% to 15%.

Length of Amazon Seller Loan

The typical length of an Amazon Seller Loan is about 6 months and requires equal amortization payments. This means if an Amazon Seller borrows $100k via a loan with a 6-month term, their monthly payment will be about $17k per month.

Interest Rate of Amazon Seller Loan

Amazon Seller Loans typically have an interest rate of 6% to 15% with 9% being the most common rate.

If for example, you borrow $100k with a 6 months term and 10% APR, you will have a loan payment of $17,156.14 per month and end up paying $2,936.84 in interest over the 6-month term of the loan.

How To Get An Amazon Seller Loan

The Amazon Lending program is invite-only and only available to US-based Amazon Sellers. If you qualify for an Amazon Seller Loan, you will see an offer in your Seller Central dashboard.

Amazon Seller Term Loan Alternatives

While Amazon Seller Loans are a good option for FBA Sellers looking for funding to grow, their short loan term and fast repayments can make managing cash flow difficult for Amazon Sellers. That is why many Amazon Sellers chose to work with AccrueMe for payment-free success-based funding.


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