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What Is The Right Funding Option To Scale Your FBA Business?

It can be difficult to find the right funding option for your Amazon business and it is crucial to your business's success. AccrueMe Co-Founder, Don Henig, spoke with Empire Flippers on the Opportunity Podcast to discuss how AccrueMe funds Amazon sellers to increase their profits and grow their business.

The main idea behind AccrueMe's model is “Accrueme only wins, if the seller is winning”.

Don explains his entrepreneurial background and how he ended up with AccrueMe developing trusted partnerships with Amazon sellers. Most funding options are structured like a loan and have strict repayment plans, but AccrueMe allows flexible repayment options, so the seller can grow now and pay later.

The podcast episode between Don and Empire Flippers is full of valuable information for Amazon FBA Sellers to source capital and take their business to the next level. Click here to listen!

If you're looking to source capital for your Amazon business, click here to apply for Amazon funding.

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