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Build an Email List to Boost Your Amazon Sales

Email List to Boost Your Amazon Sales

Email lists are one of the highest converting channels for sellers to boost their Amazon sales as well as ecommerce retailers in general. More so than paid advertising or social media.

When it comes to generating sales and encouraging reviews, an external Amazon email list is the best way to grow your Amazon business. If you’re not building your email list, you’re missing out on potential future sales opportunities.

Let’s take a look at how you can effectively build an external email list to boost your Amazon sales.

  • Use Package Inserts

  • Establish Your Own Website

  • Host a Webinar

  • Give Away a Free Ebook or White Paper

  • Start a Newsletter

  • Leverage Social Media

  • Ask to Share

Use Package Inserts

Amazon permits enclosing package inserts that provide warranty/product information or that could request customer reviews (but not directly ask for a positive review) of their experience with you and the product. It’s also an opportunity to provide your own business email and suggest contacting you with any questions or concerns, which adds addresses to your email list.

The same inserts could be used to direct customers to your own website, social media links or to download some kind of thank you gift where they are prompted to provide their email address. An even simpler approach is to provide a QR code that takes them to some kind of special offer, such as 10 percent off the next order, in return for signing up to your email list.

All these help to build your email list. Keep in mind that while this kind of solicitation is currently allowed, Amazon’s terms of service are always subject to change.

Establish Your Own Website

Amazon can’t prohibit you from having your own website for your business. In addition to promoting your brand and your products, your own website provides multiple opportunities to build your email list. These include;

  • Offers for product discounts to all new visitors in return for their email address.

  • Page where customers can sign up with their emails for newsletters/contests/giveaways/whitepapers/product information

  • Promotions for coupons or other special offers in return for email addresses

  • Feature links to social media and events where visitors might also provide their emails

  • Calls-to-Action (CTA) prominently displayed on key pages; CTAs are usually prompted to close a sale, but they can also be used to collect email addresses so as to “Learn More” or “Get a Sneak Peek” or “Take an Early Look at an Upcoming Sale.”

Host a Webinar

Hosting a webinar has never been easier. It’s as simple as opening a Zoom account. Use it for a new product announcement or demonstration, or some kind of workshop related to your products. For example, if you sell cooking utensils, you could do a webinar in using your high-grade utensils to prepare different kinds of meals. Whatever the topic, people enroll by providing their email addresses.

Give Away a Free Ebook or Whitepaper

Feature an ebook or PDF whitepaper of likely interest to your target audience. If you sell fishing gear, for example, you might want to offer a guide on the best casting techniques or best fishing sports no one knows about. Of course, your customers get to know about it just for providing their email addresses.

Start a Newsletter

Shoppers are always looking for news, whether about new products or new applications of existing products or general trends in the categories they are interested in. The only way to sign up for an email newsletter is to provide an email address. The important caveat here is that the newsletter has to offer quality content and has to have some regular frequency. Otherwise, you are just building an external email list of potentially disenchanted customers. You have to offer an unsubscribe option and it is an option you don’t want to be used, Offer something of interest and you might even grow your email list just through word of mouth.

Social Media

Use social media—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram—to advertise your products and promote your brand. Offer a coupon, discount or some other giveaway that requires an opt-in email signup.

Consider Facebook and/or Google ads to promote your business and drive potential customers to a sign-up page to register email information. Again, there has to be some incentive to exchange the email address for some kind of special offer.

Ask to Share

Use your existing external Amazon selling list as a stepping stone. If you are providing quality content of interest along with special product promos, your audience will want to share with friends and family. Ask them to share. This is the whole psychology behind the Like button, which is closely related to the Share button on social media.

Take Your Email List to the Next Level

The one possible “negative effect” of growing your external Amazon email list is increased demand for your products to a level your business isn’t capable of handling. To handle demand, you’ll need growth capital to expand your product line and business operations.

Unfortunately, most of the ways to acquire that capital are costly. High-interest rates, the burden of monthly payments, and, should you decide to take on an investment partner, possible loss of control of your business.

There’s a better way.

AccrueMe doesn’t charge high-interest rates, require monthly payments, or take any ownership in your business. AccrueMe provides growth capital to help Amazon sellers earn more money. It’s funding without liabilities or debts.

To learn more, visit AccrueMe. As you grow your business, continue to build your external Amazon email list and grow even further.

If you are ready to take your business to the next, apply for Amazon Funding here.

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