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Best Amazon Selling Tips for 2021

Best Amazon Selling Tips for 2021

These Best Amazon Selling Tips for 2021 will accelerate success and leave your competition behind. There are nearly two million active sellers on Amazon. But less than 10 percent achieve more than $100,000 in annual sales. While you aren’t competing against all of these sellers, whatever your product category you want to stand out from other sellers if you are to have any chance to join that lofty 10 percent.

To do that, Here are the best tips for selling on Amazon in 2021.

  1. Provide Excellent Customer Service

  2. Write Product Listings Right

  3. Think Inside the Buy Box

  4. Ensure Order Fulfillment (Manage Inventory)

  5. Encourage Customer Reviews

  6. Sell Good Products

1. Provide Excellent Customer Service

It goes without saying. Amazon demands excellent customer service. That is why Amazon is, well, Amazon. Everything it does, from its logistics platform to its seller ratings, is keyed to providing unsurpassed customer service. If you do this as well, you not only stay in the good graces of Amazon but most importantly, you build goodwill with your own customers and grow your business.

This is the overarching objective; how you go about achieving it is to follow these selling tips.

2. Write Product Listing Right

It’s absolutely critical that you provide complete and proper product information. This is how customers find you. Incomplete or, worse, incorrect information, not only means you risk customers not finding your products, you risk customer dissatisfaction if customers order something your product listing misrepresented.

Here are the key components of a product listing written right:


An effective title contains the keywords shoppers are most likely to search for. So “Brown Chaise Lounge” is a better title than “chaise lounge” as it will come up in the search results for shoppers seeking the chaise lounge as well as the particular color. Also, it helps to be a little creative in the title. “Luxurious Brown Chaise Lounge” is more inviting than just the plain description.

Bullet Points

Well-crafted bullet points are your “sales pitch.” Use bullet points to concisely highlight product features such as size, color options, material, benefits. Think about what makes your product distinctive and make sure to include it as a bullet point.


Here is where you tell your brand story and describe your product in detail. If a potential customer has read this far down from the title and bullet points, this is where you can “close the sale.”


Depending on the product category, you may have additional fields (backend) to provide more relevant information Amazon can use to properly index your product listing and optimize your search results.

You can add additional 255 characters to target keywords and terms your audience is likely to search on Amazon. However, you’re not looking to load up on keywords you’ve already used in the title, bullet points, and description. This should be additional information that makes your product stand out.

Note that the reason this is called the backend is because it is hidden to visitors on your product listing page but is used by the Amazon algorithm to index it for searches.

The Importance of Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. So are the product images you post. Pictures are typically the first thing shoppers look at. This is why it is important to use high-quality images in accordance with Amazon standards that literally show your products in the best possible light.

3. Think Inside the Buy Box

A seller featured in the Buy Box is presented as the first choice to “Add to Shopping Cart.” Obviously, you want to land in the Buy Box. Only trouble is, no one knows for sure how Amazon determines Buy Box winners.

It is not, despite what many people think, low price. What the Amazon algorithm most likely considers is competitive pricing, high volume, consistent availability, low refund rate, positive customer feedback, and minimal returns. Striving to meet these metrics increases your chances of getting into the Buy Box.

4. Ensure Order Fulfillment (Manage Inventory)

There’s no point to getting in the Buy Box if you lack sufficient inventory to fulfill orders. Inventory management can be tricky. You don’t want to have so much that you’ve bought stock that isn’t going anywhere. That's an ill-spent expense. The only thing worse is when customers order products and you can’t deliver in the stated delivery time or, worse, you have to backorder. Both result in poor customer service.

Set and monitor a minimum stocking level for popular products and work with your suppliers to understand production cycles and shipping times to determine reasonable lead times. There are a variety of inventory management programs that automate restocking that are a good investment to ensure you aren’t literally caught empty-handed.

5. Encourage Customer Reviews

The more good customer reviews you have, the more likely customers are going to buy your products. It is a violation of Amazon’s terms of service to actively solicit positive customer feedback. You can, however, encourage customers to leave feedback, and if you’ve provided excellent customer service, then the reviews you receive are most likely to be in the 4 or 5-star range.

There’s also a variety of third-party software that can help you flag customer emails about product issues that, if addressed promptly and properly, at the very least won’t result in a negative review, and most likely a more positive review. And responding effectively to customer issues is just another facet of providing good customer service.

6. Sell Good Quality Products

Shoddy products aren’t going to get you into the top 10 percent of six figure sellers. Quality products will. This is another of those “it shouldn’t need saying” observations, but it is an observation worth repeating. Quality products enhance your seller reputation, result in more satisfied customers and fewer costly product returns. Don’t skimp on quality.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Even with high-quality products and excellent customer service, some Amazon sellers are struggling to crack that 10 percent of the top six figure Amazon sellers. That’s because they need growth capital to expand their product line and their business operations.

Unfortunately, most of the ways to acquire that capital can be costly. High-interest rates, the burden of monthly payments, and possible loss of control of your business are sufficiently risky to make any Amazon seller hesitant.

There’s a better way that avoids high-interest rates and/or high monthly payback amounts, with no need to cede control of your business. AccrueMe funding partners with your business, investing money with zero monthly payments without any ownership stakes.

To learn more, visit AccrueMe. To grow your business, provide excellent customer service and be a top Amazon seller in 2021.

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