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Get The Growth Capital You Need To Grow Your Amazon Business

Grow Your Amazon Business

Are you an Amazon entrepreneur looking for ways to grow your Amazon business? Will more capital help you reach your goals?

If so, then AccrueMe is for you! AccrueMe's Co-Founder, Don Henig, recently appeared on the Amazing Exits podcast to talk about the ins and outs of Amazon business growth and financing.

In the interview, Don also covers what makes AccrueMe different, how AccrueMe's model works, how it relates to the Amazon exiting process, and much more.

AccrueMe offers a uniquely fair financing program. AccrueMe is the leading capital partner for Amazon sellers with a mission of providing growth capital, advanced technology tools, and expert human support to help entrepreneurs and brands grow successful Amazon businesses.

A major factor that separates AccrueMe from the other financing options is that the seller is not required to make payments. The other Amazon financing options require sellers to make monthly payments, which kills the cash flow of the business. AccrueMe's model allows sellers to pay AccrueMe when it is best for their business.

AccrueMe will double the seller's capital with zero interest, no required monthly payments, and no loss of ownership of the business. AccrueMe partners with the Amazon seller and earns a percentage of profits for as long as the seller uses AccrueMe's money.

AccrueMe earns a profit share that equals half the percentage of their invested capital of the business. If AccrueMe doubles the seller's capital and represents 50% of the business's capital, then AccrueMe earns 25% of that month's profits. The profit share percentage also decreases every month as the seller's business grows.

If the seller decides to pay off part of AccrueMe’s investment, AccrueMe's invested capital percentage goes down even more. Many sellers decide to pay AccrueMe when they are sitting on a lot of cash in the slower seasons.

To learn more about the profit share breakdown, check out the AccrueMe calculator.

The other financing options do not care if a seller grows their business because the seller is required to pay them every month regardless of if they profit or not. AccrueMe's model is not like that. AccrueMe only makes money if the seller makes money. If the seller has a bad month and does not make any profits, then neither does AccrueMe.

AccrueMe also offers expert human support for situations such as a bad month, an Amazon account suspension, or other business obstacles that arise.

AccrueMe is the perfect match for Amazon sellers looking to grow their business before exiting. AccrueMe enables the sellers to exit with a higher multiplier and bigger payout. The best piece of advice for the exit planning process: don’t take your foot off of the gas! Keep growing all the way up until the exit.

If you are looking for capital to grow your Amazon business, apply now for Amazon funding.

To learn more, visit AccrueMe.

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Apr 16, 2021

Question: Let say I am making 10k profit every month now, and remaining capital is 10k. So I borrow 40k from Accrue, therefore Accrue money occupies 80% of my current capital, which means I have to share 40% of my profit next month even I have not use the money yet...? Or your capital definition is money in the bank + inventory value (cost or sell)?

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