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How Amazon Launchpad Can Help Amazon Sellers

Amazon Launchpad Program

Amazon Launchpad is a program for startup Amazon sellers that provides resources to help drive their brand awareness and reach new customers. It does this by providing a separate, distinct marketplace showcase of innovative new products from Amazon Launchpad eligible sellers. In addition, there is a range of tools and resources to optimize seller listings and marketing efforts.

Amazon claims that some 40 sellers on Launchpad have surpassed $10 million in annual sales. In this post we discuss:

  • What Amazon Launchpad is

  • Who is eligible

  • What are the benefits

  • What does it cost

  • What happens after you are “launched”

Amazon Launchpad Mission Statement

Amazon’s describes Launchpad as:

“Our mission is to support entrepreneurs by providing resources, expertise, and global support to help showcase and deliver innovative products like yours to millions of Amazon customers.

“Think of Amazon Launchpad as a supplemental program designed to jumpstart and accelerate your business.”

Who is Eligible for Amazon Launchpad?

Who exactly are these “entrepreneurs” Amazon is supporting? Amazon also uses the terms “startups,” “builders,” and “innovators.” Amazon defines these terms as a brand that has differentiator potential and/or is minority-owned, women-owned, family-owned, and/or focused on a particular niche such as sustainable products, health foods, or charitable giving.

Examples of startup entrepreneurs include StellBee® razor saver cover and the interactive pet camera from Petcube.

More specifically, to qualify for Amazon Launchpad, you must be a new or existing Amazon seller with professional accounts that have listed for less than three years on Amazon and generated less than $5 million annually in gross merchandise sales.

Eligible sellers must apply. The application process takes about 20 minutes and involves providing a description of your company and your products. Amazon usually responds within 10 business days on whether or not you qualify.

If approved, your minimum commitment to participate in Amazon Launchpad is 12 months. This is to allow sellers to participate in all major Amazon events during the year, e..g, Prime Day and holiday gift giving. After the year minimum is up, the program may continue on a month-to-month basis; you can cancel any time by providing 30 days notice.

Launchpad Benefits

Amazon Launchpad is a separate storefront to promote innovative brands. Amazon Launchpad is differentiated from other Amazon marketplace listings with 20 modules of Premium A+ Content, which expands a product page’s usable real estate with imagery and video featuring widescreen formatted content that includes enhanced comparison tables, carousels, and hotspot images. Also, there are currently nine Amazon Launchpad sites to provide international brand exposure.

Amazon Launchpad has its own Deals page. Fees are waived for one Lightning Deal or one 7-day Deal per week.

You also get access to a number of exclusive tools and support resources available through its Brand HQ portal. These include;

  • Amazon Imaging Services for high-quality photography

  • Pre-launch support

  • Webinars, quick-start guides on topics such as detail page optimization and account setup

  • Category-focused emails

  • Watch & Shop video placements

There’s also a Services hub where you can share ideas with other Launchpad sellers as well as more experienced vendors to ask questions about such topics as prototyping and start-up funding. There’s also a special Launchpad widget on Amazon’s storefront landing page.

According to Amazon, additional benefits can be unlocked as your business accelerates.

There are also special Launchpad marketing events. To qualify, your products must maintain at least 3.5 stars with at least five reviews and you need to be enrolled in Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) with Prime Badging.

What Does Amazon Launchpad Cost?

There is a fee to participate. A 5% premium is added to your Referral Fees. The fee could be lowered to 3% if your trailing 12-month gross merchandise sales exceed $1million on Launchpad.

After You Achieve Liftoff

You have the option of leaving Amazon Launchpad after a year. Otherwise, if Amazon determines your brand is now established and no longer requires startup support, you are transitioned out of the program. Launchpad Premium A+ content remains live on the detail page after the transition; however, once you modify content, you switch to the standard A+ module.

AccrueMe Helps Amazon Startups Achieve Orbit

Amazon Launchpad is one way to jumpstart your brand and increase sales. Another is AccrueMe, which helps startups improve their cash flow. AccrueMe works with Amazon sellers to improve their business with an infusion of Amazon growth capital. Unlike other financing options, such as bank loans, AccrueMe funding doesn’t come with high-interest rates or the burden of monthly payments. Nor does AccrueMe ask for any permanent ownership stake.

What AccrueMe does ask for is a relatively small percentage of your profits, and only if you have profits. It’s growth funding for your business without liabilities or debts. No strings attached. AccrueMe is the best funding option for Amazon sellers.

You might say that AccrueMe funding to launch your business to new heights is an “out of this world” opportunity.

If you are ready to grow your business, Apply Now for Amazon Funding.

To learn more, visit AccrueMe.

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